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Brokerage and Execution Systems
A-1 Financial's brokerage and execution services provide comprehensive processing of securities and exchange-traded instruments for banks and brokerages. These services address all important facets of transaction processing, including order routing, execution and clearance, position keeping and tracking. A-1 Financial's brokerage systems include software that enables banks and brokerages to provide Internet trading and account services for their customers.

Due to competitive pressures, brokerage firms all over the world today, needs to provide its customers with Internet access. Investors demand the ability to trade online, manage their accounts, and access crucial content like stock prices, market news, and research.

A brief description of some of the products are given below:

Broker in a Box targets traditional brokerage firms and offers them a simple solution whereby the firm can offer their retail clients the ability to access account information and trade securities online.

Advisor in a Box is a web-based trading system designed specifically for investment advisors. It offers turnkey portfolio management tools, which enable the advisor to effectively manage all client assets. A one-step login opens to a master account, which consists of the advisorís total assets under management.

Broker Lite has been developed for the smaller brokerage firms who need a very low cost and competitive solution. As a scaled down version of Broker in a Box, this solution is easily integrated to offer the firmsí retail customers Internet access for trading services.

Advisor Lite has been developed for the advisor who wishes to use the convenience of the internet to track account activity and take advantage of easy to read reporting services, but do not need to see individual account information.


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