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Easy language Programming

 A-1 Technology specializes in developing custom equities, options, futures and forex
  trading strategies and indicators by using Tradestation Trading platform.

 We will develop solutions that will help you evaluate market data, and automate trading
 strategies and order execution.

 Please specify your trading strategy and we will readily code it for you.

 Easylanguage Programming is a tool by tradestation that helps you turn trading ideas to
 common English commands including trading terms and phrases making Easylanguage
 simple to understand and learn. You can write all analysis techniques and strategies in
 Easylanguage in order to evaluate market data, and automate trading strategies and order execution.
You can also create your own analysis techniques and modify the ones that are provided.

 It enables you to design, historically test and optimize your own custom equities, options,
  futures and forex trading strategies. Easylanguage helps you to present your ideas using
 simple, English-like statements and trading terms just like the way you would describe them
 to another trader. TradeStation's Easylanguage is being used by traders Worldwide.






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