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Custom Application Development, Online Banking Software Solutions
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Online Trading software
   Software that allows to manage the trading process online.
   An arrangement where one company provides services to another company that would
   otherwise have been implemented in-house
outsourcing contract
  outsourcing contract is contract between two companies where where one company provides
  services to another company that would otherwise have been implemented in-house
Outsourcing IT
    outsourcing IT means hiring somebody outside your company for IT service.
PDF (Portable Document Format)
   A file format created by Adobe, initially to provide a standard form for storing and editing
  printed publishable documents.
   The entire combination of securities or investments an individual or institution holds.
Quality assurance
   "The process assuring the quality of one organization's outcomes. "
rapid application development
   The use of prototyping in an iterative development life cycle to rapidly develop applications.
Request a quote
   request a quote is request made for getting exact fixed cost of a job
Request for Proposal
   Announcements that specify a topic of research, methods to be used, product to be       delivered,and appropriate applicants sought. Proposals submitted in response to RFPs generally result in the award of a contract.
Search Engines
   Search engines are Web sites that help you search the Internet for other Web sites based on
   keywords you provide.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
   The art of optimizing a website so that it appears near the top of search engine search
Small Business Web Design
   Designing a web application for a small business
   A computer program, which provides the instructions which enable the computer hardware to work.
Software development Company / firm
   A firm/company that makes software as per the Client's requirements
Software maintenance
   The software product undergoes modification to code and associated documentation due to
   a problem or the need for improvement.
Software outsourcing
   software outsourcing means hiring somebody outside your company for developing   software.
Software services
   Software services refers to the maintenance /creation of the software
Venture capital software
   A software that deals with the Venture Capital online
Wealth management software
   A software that manages the wealth/investments online
Web Application development
   The process of designing, specifying, and researching the appearance and function of an
   web application program
Web design
   Creating a web site from beginning to end.
Web development
   The process of creation of web applications

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